$$$   Paying Ca$h for Junk/Wrecked Vehicles*   $$$
*(MUST Have Title)
Pickup Service Available -OR-  Drive, Push or Pull Your Vehicle In
Call or Stop In for a Current  Price quote -OR-  Weigh Your Vehicle On Our Certified Scale at Current Scrap Market Pricing!
Selling us your vehicle by the piece (vehicle) or by the weight,
we really can't be beat! 
$$$   Paying Ca$h for Scrap Metal*   $$$
*(Material is not separated at this time-Seperation & individual metal pricing,
The New Full Service Recycling Center To Open Very Soon!!!)
We are talking metal here!  Loads are inspected at weigh-in, unloading & weigh-out.  If it's not made of metal then we DO NOT buy nor accept it!
If you come in with a couch or concrete, let's say, you are leaving with it.
We DO NOT accept hazardous materials.
We DO accept appliances.
$$$   Paying Ca$h for Auto Cores   $$$
Auto Batteries, Radiators, Automatic Aluminum Transmissions, Aluminum Wheels, Alternators, Starters,
Catalytic Converters, A/C Condensers
The prices of these change frequently with the Current Scrap Market Value,
so check back with us often.
We also provide printed pricing sheets, just ask.
The Lowest Prices on Quality Used Parts!
U-Pull -OR- We Do, you won't find a better deal other  than
a RAW Deal, anywhere!
Whether you check our prices first or last, we know we will see you in our shop when you're ready to purchase what you need!
If it's a Car, Truck or Van & it's made up of parts that keeps it together or running, then guaranteed, quality parts pulled by our experienced & knowledgeable yard crew is what you'll get!  Even if you decide you got the know-how & the right tools by saving a few bucks yourself, our crew will have you prepared with an interchange print-out & you can find the vehicles by ease 'cuz they are sectioned by make.  Anything else you need, just ask!
Just something else that separates us from those 'other yards'.
The Home of the $10 Tire & $10 Steel Wheel
Yep! We started selling tires & steel rims at $10 each over 20 years ago & that hasn't changed today!  Others can't match us!
The difference is that we inspect every tire & rim meticulously before & after breaking them down, we sort each & every size, also by good, better, best & we provide individual, courteous customer service,
we'll even carry them to your vehicle!
Though we do not remove or install wheels from/on your vehicle,
we do provide tire repair & mounting services; $5 each.
located at 3300 Liverpool Rd. in  Lake Station, IN 46405