RAW Basics
R.A.W. Auto & Metal is a family owned  & operated company for over 20 years in business.  Most folks just call us RAW & that's fine by us, just so long as they call us period!  For the most part, people think we chose RAW as our business name 'cuz the material we buy gets turned into raw materials, which is a great play on words, huh?  But really, those are just the initials of our owner... which more than likely means he was always destined for this line of work, right!?
We started out with 1 good 'ol fashioned, homemade flatbed roller tow truck scouting junk vehicles around neighborhoods.  Within no time at all, our business grew & grew!  We went through all the red tape that one does in this biz to settle down on some acreage, bought some new trucks, stocked some inventory & acquainted ourselves with computer systems, hired a crew, made some connections, did some marketing & gave this industry the credit it deserves!   To this day, we continue to expand so our customers are treated & served right!

Easily Accessed Location!
Deemed as a sole proprietorship, we are a hulk crusher operation & used parts dealer located in Lake Station, Indiana near I65 & I80/94  (20 minutes SE of downtown Chicago Illinois, just minutes East of Gary, Indiana)

We are a Green Company!
We meet & exceed the standards set by the EPA, local, state & federal laws.  Why wouldn't we?  We, & our kids, live, work & play in the same community...the same world as everyone else!  We want to be sure we are saving & protecting our environment for you, ourselves & our children's futures, just like you!   Plus, we give back to our community through sponsorships, donations & volunteerism!

Quality Experience & Knowledge Are Fundamental!
Our crew is very experienced & knowledgeable in all areas & aspects of the automobile industry.  So, actually, putting all the experience & know-how heads together, that's really over 180 years of expertise! Plus, courteous & helpful service is just in our nature, we wouldn't do it any other way!  Plus, we stand behind everything we sell!

The Benefits Are Passed Onto You!
We do everything in-house & operate on debt-free capitol, assets & liabilities.  Yep! That's right, all the equipment, property, scale & etc. we own it, so the only overheads we have is pretty much your basic business kind of stuff...oh yeah, & of course good 'ol Uncle Sam.  So we are able to keep our costs low & pass that benefit on to our customers!
We constantly check the Scrap Market Values trade pricing so that we can be sure to pay top dollar to our customers at a competitive level!  From cars to cores & everything in between, we will keep you updated on current pricing structures!  That's why we can say 'Highest Prices Paid for Vehicles & Scrap, Lowest Prices for Quality Used Parts!

located at 3300 Liverpool Rd. in  Lake Station, IN 46405